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Values We Hold

Values We Hold
May 27, 2021 admin

As Australians, we know the importance and value of storing water, particularly when we live on the driest, populated continent on earth.

We also value transparency and good customer service when dealing with businesses. That is why our company, Poly Tanks Australia, was created.

At Poly Tanks we specialize in the sale of Roto-Moulded Polyethylene products and great customer service. Our website showcases a range of rain water tanks that focus on both urban and rural settings, septic and cartage tanks. All our products are able to withstand the harsh Australian climate.

Our Vales

Wait! Polyethylene, isn’t that plastic? Yep, we sell big plastic things.

Our products are made and sourced from the highest quality Polyethylene and watermarked brass from leading Australian manufacturers.

Using high quality Polyethylene means that all our products are approved for potable water and food contact. They are heavy metal and BPA free, Ultra UV stabilized, and are also 100% recyclable.

Along with sourcing high quality products, Poly Tanks values high quality and satisfying customer service. We believe the relationship between the customer and staff is imperative for an enjoyable experience. Our friendly team aims to look after customers from purchase to delivery by supplying products on time and without faults.

Whether ordering online or over the phone, no one likes waiting a long time to finally get their product. As a new company on the market, we strive to be transparent. We aim to safely deliver our products to your property in a timely manner. Since we value servicing our customers, we have created a free freight zone. If your property falls outside our free freight zone, we still want to deliver to you and will happily provide a quote.

The values that we hold as a company are simple yet important to all Australians and will prove to be effective and long-lasting. We want to foster a sustaining relationship with our customers and provide the best service possible. If you have any questions about our range of products and how we can benefit you, chat with our friendly team for more information.