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How to Match the Colour of Your Tank to the Style of Your House

How to Match the Colour of Your Tank to the Style of Your House
July 16, 2021 admin

Whether you’re building a new home, recently purchased a fixer-upper, or on the family property; having a water tank is essential.

However, the most challenging part can be choosing the colour of your tank. Thankfully, at Poly Tanks Australia we sell tanks made with polyethylene that matches Colorbond® colours. No matter what colour or style you prefer, we have you covered.

Firstly, you will need to decide whether you want your water tank to be a feature or to hide it. Then you will then need to choose a size, style, and colour of water tank. Aesthetically, there are several ways you can incorporate the colour of your water tank with your home.



When ‘less is more’ opt for a neutral shade that doesn’t take away from the exterior design of the house or garden. A lot of new home owners are wanting that fresh, clean look that comes with neutral colours. If you like a minimalistic look, try our Tank Light Grey and let it seamlessly blend in to the colour of your home.

A white house and a grey tank


Perhaps you bought a house with different coloured doors or window settings or you just like that style. Try matching your tank to the trim of the house to add a little pop. Surfmist is a common colour used for accents and matches well with our Tank White.

A house and a 5,000ltr Urban Camel Tank


Maybe you want to make a bold statement with your house and really go all out. You can use contrasting colours to do that. Do you have an orange house? Try our Tank Mountain Blue to really show that you love colour and like to have fun!

An orange house and a 3,000ltr Urban Camel Tank


Another way to match your tank to your home is to make it the same colour as your roof. These days most roofs are made with Colorbond® steel. This makes it a super easy choice for you, just use this colour matching guide and Bob’s your uncle! For a seamless look, Wilderness is a common Colorbond® roof colour and matches will with our Tank Rivergum.

A house and a 2,200ltr Urban Camel Tank

Lastly, there are some other considerations when choosing a tank colour. Remember that the darker the colour, the more heat it will absorb during the day. All this means is that your water may be warmer when you use it. Light tends to promote algal growth, which we don’t want. You may be thinking what about lighter coloured tanks. Don’t worry, our tank manufacturer ensures tank walls are thick enough to block out sunlight. And always keep your lids on!


Not sure what tank colour matches the Colorbond® colours? Here is the colour matching guide. If you have any further questions or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff at Poly Tanks Australia.


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